Phelps County’s sales tax deposit for March is down compared to March of 2012, according to the latest figures provided by County Treasurer Carol Green.

Green presented updated sales tax figures to county commissioners at their meeting Thursday morning.

The county’s sales tax deposit this month is down by 12.86 percent compared to March of 2012.

The county’s deposit last month was up by 24.14 percent compared to February of 2012 and January’s deposit was down by 16.61 percent compared to January 2012.

It was noted that when comparing the three months from 2012 and 2013, the reduction for TIF (tax increment financing) payments to the City of Rolla for Kohl’s had not started until May of 2012.

This year so far, county sales tax is down compared to last year by 5.76 percent, and when comparing the time frame from April 2012 to March 2013 and April 2011 to March 2012, the rate is down by 2.65 percent.

In other business

Also at Thursday’s commission meeting, the county had scheduled a bid opening for a new contraband scope requested by the sheriff’s department, but no bids were received by the deadline Thursday. That means the sheriff’s department is free to negotiate with whatever vendor it desires. Lt. Rick Hope, of the sheriff’s department, said the scope would be used in fuel tanks or to look under hoods or other parts on vehicles for contraband items.

The county received a letter from the Missouri State Tax Commission, which approved the county’s 2013 assessment maintenance plan and budget.

The commissioners met in closed session to discuss real estate.