John McCain and Lindsey Graham may not have liked it, but Rand Paul’s 13-hour filibuster got more results from the most deceitful, double-dealing administration we’ve ever had—and after the Clintons, that’s saying a lot. Yet, to hear Senator McCain and Senator Graham, you’d have thought Paul had committed treason.

Senator McCain, while I thank you for your service and honor your pain, please take whatever dignity you have left and resign from the Senate. Senator Graham, please do the same. You are ruining any chances for conservatives to win back the Presidency and the Senate, because you act like docile little mice trying to remain one step ahead of the rampaging elephant currently in the White House. How Ironic!

Remember, McCain was the candidate who picked, then held back Sarah Palin from revealing who Barack Obama really was and the Marxists, White, Jew and Christian-haters he hung with.

Senator Paul’s long speech attained bipartisan support! How many times have Dems and Repubs agreed on anything in the last five years, much less a sensitive and important question of whether it was unconstitutional to blow up American Citizens in their homes who were not immediate threats--without due process.

Imagine if Bush’s AG, John Ashcroft would have been that vague the MSM would have called for a Civil War—and justifiably so.

Senator Paul got enough attention to get President Obama to direct AG Holder to issue a two-sentence screed saying that it was unconstitutional for the President to blow up American citizens without immediate threat. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

There was a lot of testosterone in my marriage—too bad none of it was mine

It’s about time somebody got off his arse, took a dose of manliness and started demanding answers from the miscreants who are a current threat to our sovereignty over a LOT of issues as well as the drone policy.

After five years, we can assume the MSM will continue to be nothing more than protectors and leg-tingled prostitutes for President Obama. Now that Senator Paul has gotten one critical answer, via filibuster, how about a whole bunch of senators from both sides demand answers for these important questions from this President--using the same method?

· Mr. President, please clarify why two militias were in the Affordable Care Act in light of your July 2nd, 2008 statement that we need a civilian force just as well funded, well-armed and well-staffed as our regular armed forces.

· Louis Farrakhan recently stated that gangbangers and New Black Panther should opt to become part of a militia. Is there a connection? Do you support this? Can you tell us the progress of this call to arms?

· Under your command, Mr. President, we removed one aircraft carrier from needed action. Five of them are in dock, side by side in Norfolk, VA. This scene is reminiscent of the Pearl Harbor fleet. Aren’t you inviting disaster by placing them in such a vulnerable position?

· The true and full story of Benghazi including Congressional testimony from survivors. Citizens have a right to know what happened to our Ambassador and other murdered Americans on 9/11/12, despite Hillary Clinton’s objections.

· What was the necessity of Homeland Security buying over 2700 land tanks and two billion rounds of hollow point bullets?

· In April of 2009 Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said that returning veterans from the Iraqi and Afghanistan wars were potential terrorists. Why? Is there a movement about to disarm returning veterans because of the above?

· Is it true that the military are being asked if they are willing to shoot fellow Americans?

· Why such a push now to register guns while actively trying to eliminate the Second Amendment?

I dropped the History Channel—too many repeats

Let’s not forget the progress of most Socialist/Communist Countries. First comes government-controlled health care--then comes the confiscation of guns--then comes the rule of the few in power who are armed against a defenseless civilian population. Germany, Russia, England and China have all seen this and the history bears out total disaster, with well over 100 million deaths.

Who will be the last man to say an internal takeover of our government may be in the making with these questions not answered?

Not Rand Paul.

Where the heck are the rest of the Congress and the Media?

For the country’s sake, please, start doing your jobs!