Missouri Secretary of State Jason Kander this week recognized Sunshine Week, March 10–16, which celebrates the state’s open records law. During his first three months in office, Kander has worked to make government in Missouri more transparent and accessible to Missouri citizens.

His office created a five-day public comment period for initiative petitions. This ensures citizens, elected officials and interested stakeholders are able to offer observations for his office to consider when drafting summary language for ballot questions.

Last month, his office launched TheMissouriChannel.com, which makes accessible audio recordings of legislative floor debates in the Missouri General Assembly so citizens have the opportunity to explore archived material at their own convenience. Prior to The Missouri Channel, Missourians had to listen to the debate as it happened.

“As Missouri’s Secretary of State, I place a high value on the transparency and openness of government at all levels,” Kander said. “In the spirit of Sunshine Week, we are renewing our dedication to making sure Missourians always have access to their government and an opportunity to have their voices heard.”