New process rolled out at Rolla License Office this week

People who went to the Rolla License Office Wednesday to get a new driver's license or nondriver identification card or went there to renew these cards noticed a new process in place.

These same individuals also will notice a new look to their licenses and ID cards once they receive them in the mail instead of waiting for them to be made at the office.

Back in December of last year, the Missouri Department of Revenue (DOR) began the process of changing the way these cards and licenses are issued at all of the state's 182 license offices as well as changing their format. The rollout should be complete across the state in April.

As part of the switch, outdated equipment at license offices will be replaced with modern equipment, according to Ted Farnen, with the DOR. That occurred at the Rolla office Tuesday. Wednesday was when the new process was rolled out at the office here.

The new licenses and cards, will have new security features, are designed to enhance security and help reduce the risk of identity theft and other kinds of fraud.

Under the new program, applicants at license offices, including the one in Rolla, will receive a temporary, paper license and may keep their old license card which will be punched "VOID." The temporary license is only valid for 30 days from the date of issuance.

Applicants must provide documents to verify their name, date of birth, place of birth, Social Security number and Missouri residential address when applying for a new card or renewing their cards. Applicants will need these documents every time they renew their license or card.

A list of documents required can be found on the back of people's renewal postcard or online at

License offices will scan all of the applicant's paperwork and securely transmit the information to a single, secure facility, where the new, permanent license will be printed. The new license or card will arrive in the mail at the applicant's home within seven to 10 business days.

The license or identification card will be mailed in a regular envelope through the U.S. Postal Service, similar to the way a credit card or passport is mailed. The envelope will be unmarked and will not suggest or reveal the contents.

Farnen said people's current licenses or cards are still good until their expiration date and that individuals do not have to exchange them until they expire, apply for a duplicate or change their address on their license or card.

The new licenses will include security features such as a laser perforation, meaning that when people hold the license up to a light, it will reveal a "MO" perforation, and special printing that reacts to ultraviolet light.

The background of the new license will be different from the old license and the person's picture will be in a new spot on the new license. There also will be color-coded headers to indicate the type of license (commercial driver, intermediate driver, instruction permit or nondriver).

Drivers under age 21 will now have a card or license in a vertical format.

There are no additional costs for the temporary or new licenses and cards. However, if a temporary license is lost, stolen or destroyed, people can get a duplicate license for a fee.

According to the DOR, the new process will mean less time spent at license offices.

The DOR is working to inform businesses and agencies about the new licenses and process in case people have trouble with them accepting the new forms of ID or licenses.

The Rolla License Office is located at 1038 S Bishop Ave. (Highway 63) and can be reached at 573-364-7848.