Three players from Newburg High School were named to the All-Frisco League boys' and girls' basketball teams.

The Dixon High School boys' and girls' basketball teams swept the championships of the Frisco League this season, and the school also had the conference's boys' and girls' most valuable players as well.
Senior Hunter Yoakum, of the Dixon High girls' basketball team, and senior guard Collin Holzer of the Dixon boys' squad were selected as the Frisco League Most Valuable Players, as the all-conference teams were announced last week.
According to the school, both Yoakum and Holzer set school career scoring records during this season.
Both the Dixon boys' and girls' teams went unbeaten in Frisco League competition this past season.
Newburg had three players honored as All-Frisco League.
For the Newburg boys freshman guard Ryan Ward was selected to the all-conference first-team while junior forward Kaleb Robinson was picked for the second-team.
And for the Lady Wolves sophomore forward Kelsey Austin was named to the all-league second team.
2012-13 All-Frisco League Teams
First Team
Collin Holzer, 6'0" Senior Dixon High School
Darrien Dickey, 6'1" Junior Iberia High School
Lane Duncan, 6'2" Sophomore Licking High School
Cody Hall, 6'2" Senior Richland High School
Solomon Weider, 6'1" Senior Dixon High School
Issac Minnick, 6'2" Senior Iberia High School
Dexter Frisbee, 6'9" Freshman Iberia High School
Ryan Ward, 6'0" Freshman Newburg High School
Seth Myers, 6'1" Senior Richland High School
Hayden Yoakum, 5'8" Sophomore Dixon High School
Second Team
Tony Sein, 5'11" Junior Stoutland High School
Wyatt Porter, 6'0" Senior Licking High School
Dalton York, 5'8" Senior Crocker High School
Kaleb Robinson, 6'3" Junior Newburg High School
Jake Horton, 6'3" Junior Richland High School
Jalen Supancic, 5'11" Junior Plato High School
Brendan Bowling, 6'3" Senior Laquey High School
Wyatt Penley, 6'2" Sophomore Plato High School
Jake Hood, 5'9" Junior Licking High School
Keagan Adams, 5'10" Sophomore Plato High School
Honorable Mention
Justin Sloan, 6'1" Junior Crocker High School
Jesse Hubbs, 6'1" Freshman Stoutland High School
Fabien Julaino, 5'9" Senior Iberia High School
Zach Butherus, 6'3" Senior Licking High School
Austin Mann, 6'1" Senior Laquey High School
MVP-Collin Holzer, Dixon High School
Coach of the Year-Mike Phillips, Dixon High School
Final Standings
Dixon 19-8 (8-0)
Licking 20-9 (7-1)
Iberia 27-3* (6-2)
Richland 16-10 (4-4)
Newburg 15-13 (4-4)
Crocker 10-16 (3-5)
Stoutland 6-20 (2-6)
Plato 9-17 (1-7)
Laquey 6-20 (1-7)
First Team
Hunter Yoakum, 5'7" Senior Dixon High School
Maura Skidmore, 5'5" Junior Laquey High School
Lindsey Medlen, 5'8" Freshman Crocker High School
Alexa Willard, 6'1" Freshman Stoutland High School
Megan Smith, 5'9" Sophomore Licking High School
Mattie Whitaker, 5'8" Junior Dixon High School
Briana Peterson, 5'11" Senior Crocker High School
Bailie Osbourne, 6'0" Sophomore Licking High School
Kaylea Kimrey, 5'9" Sophomore Plato High School
Taylor Shreve, 5'6" Senior Iberia High School
Second Team
Danielle Graves, 5'11" Junior Laquey High School
Kelsi York, 5'8" Freshman Crocker High School
Lexi McNiel, 5'9" Sophomore Plato High School
Megan Wall, 5'5" Senior Crocker High School
Kristen McMillian, 5'7" Junior Dixon High School
Dakota Purcell, 5'8" Senior Dixon High School
Marley Law, 5'8" Senior Iberia High School
Alicia Willard, 5'9" Sophomore Stoutland High School
Brittni Click, 5'6" Senior Laquey High School
Kelsey Austin, 5'10" Sophomore Newburg High School
Honorable Mention
Vanessa Cook, 5'10" Senior Licking High School
Jeanna Mendez, 5'5" Senior Crocker High School
Tia Fletcher, 5'5" Sophomore Plato High School
Madison Gooden, 5'8" Senior Iberia High School
Kelsey Ray, 5'6" Sophomore Dixon High School
Katie Roy, 6'0" Junior Plato High School
MVP-Hunter Yoakum Dixon High School
Coach of the Year-Karissa McNiel Plato High School
Final Standings
Dixon 24-4 (8-0)
Crocker 27-3 (7-1)
Laquey 19-9 (5-3)
Plato 15-10 (5-3)
Licking 22-7 (4-4)
Iberia 12-15 (3-5)
Stoutland 10-16 (3-5)
Newburg 6-20 (1-7)
Richland 4-21 (0-8)