I agree with President Obama in one area: Education is imperative. While having a college education hasn’t exactly panned out for our youts acquiring lucrative jobs under his regime, he’s wisely looked to a younger crowd. Our President is demanding that four-year-olds stop hanging around playpen corners, wasting time in useless pursuits of toy-playing and get their little butsky’s to work. Little loafers! No more good times for you! No more fun! From now on its DOUBLE SECRET PROBATION FOR YOU!

My take on our need for education is remedial. We need an emergency intervention in the “low information” voters, AKA Obama supporters. But we can’t stop there.

As conservatives, we need to talk to any and everyone who will listen to us long enough to get our message out. Why? Because in the long run, Socialism destroys governments and every person in its path. On the other hand, the Republic, when run halfway right, is the best example of a balanced government with freedom and opportunity for all there has ever been—and we can prove it.

We must stop assuming, as Romney did, that half the population is going to vote for the other guy. How do you expect to win elections by giving half the populace the back of your hand?

I have some experience in elective politics, although mine was in business. I was elected and reelected twice in two different restaurant coops as president. After those gigs, I was elected to represent parts of six states to a major Fortune 500 company for our mutual advertising. Here’s what I learned:

· Never assume you won’t get someone’s vote. Go after perceived enemies more than you would your friends.

· No Pandering! Tell it like it is, only without the name-calling. Keep the sarcasm low.

· Watch Dr. Ben Carson’s speech to the National Prayer Day Breakfast for the right tone. He verbally destroyed Obama’s policies, but did it in such a way that it wasn’t over the top, but matter of fact.

· Once elected, represent your so-called enemies as well as you do your friends. Always listen and be as polite as possible even if they look upon you as an enemy. You want them voting for your reelection or another conservative if you aren’t running.

· If you decide to support a policy that goes against what they want, explain it to them as honestly as you can. Honest communication is imperative.

· When liberal name-calls do not respond in kind—just intone something like, “No need for name-calling. Let’s just keep to the points.” Remember, if you are arguing on social media or talk radio there are many more in the audience you are trying to convince than just the person you’re going toe-to-toe with.

· You must set an example for others, even your enemies.

· Keep the conversations going. There will be fights. There will be standoffs. You don’t need a concession on every point. Just agree to disagree and let the facts of the situation play out. Remember, the argument against Obamacare in 2009 is buoyed by its incredibly inept implementation thus far in 2013. It doesn’t look like it’s going to get any better, either.

NEVER give up on ANY voter!

Remember, you are not going to be present in the voting booths so never assume that you know how any person is going to vote.

Have the confidence that comes with knowledge of the reasons this country was formed as it was, the wisdom and regrets of its past sins and the rejuvenation that comes from a free people buying into a buoyant, competitive capitalistic market. Get people to believe they can and should get a job and go as far as they want in our economy. Know your rags to riches stories. In this country there’s a plethora of them.

Before I got into the restaurant business, I sold life and health insurance in Denver. Having no experience or contacts in Colorado, I made it a point to try and close every sale I could, even to those who gave every indication that they weren’t going to buy. As long as they didn’t physically throw me out, I tried closing the sale. I was absolutely amazed at the amount of people who I sold policies to who--to this day--I have no idea why they bought from me.

It was a lesson well learned. Conservatives need the ability to become non-judgers. We need to bring as many people under our tent as possible and we need to do it now.

And again, the reason we need to do it? Because our government, when run even half-hazardly, is the best one ever invented by man.

If we can’t convince more people than we have in recent elections while energizing our base to get out and vote, our form of government will be a faded memory in a decade or so.

Don’t let that happen to our children and grandchildren.

They deserve the United States of America at its best.