During the recent National Prayer Breakfast, President Obama gave a speech for the fifth year in a row.

Before a flock of armed and winged bird-like drones head my way, I want to express my peaceful intentions. I merely want to show an example of talking truth to a demagogue such as our President, while letting his followers know about it in non-belligerent terms.

Obama’s speech was high on Scripture and Christian thought. There was hardly a mention of pretend victims that our President needed swoop in and save from some straw man enemy AKA Republicans His speech was relatively short.

Getting into Barack’s mind, I can speculate what he was thinking: “Okay! Speech given—can’t wait to get out and prep for my three-day golf lesson from Tiger in West Palm Beach. Hope I don’t run into that schmuck, Limbaugh! To Hell with that sequester I came up with! Let the Republicans burn with it!”

If you can’t excel with talent triumph with effort

But much to Obama’s surprise, a mere peon of the people, a doctor of no royalty, but a simple, bright, God-believing MD gave a speech that was critical of Barack’s policies.

After quoting four verses from the Bible, Dr. Ben Carson, a pediatric neurosurgeon talked about how PC is preventing people from saying what the really feel. Carson said it had a muzzling effect on the population and it’s something that goes against the very principals of the founders of the country.

After telling his life story of poverty and early poor school performance, he relayed how his illiterate mother took charge. Even though she had plenty of adversity, she would not make excuses for herself. She told her boys that they had the power to do whatever they wanted, if they did the work.

Mom prevented him and his brother from hanging out with friends and watching a lot of TV. She forced them to read and deliver her book reports. Of course, Mom couldn’t read the boy’s summaries, but Ben and his brother didn’t know this. So, mom dressed their papers up with all sorts of seemingly critical marks. The boys were sold long enough to discover that studying would be their way out of poverty.

Splicing his speech with Biblical reference, the doctor took the place of Obama’s fawning press and sycophants for the final ten minutes of his talk.

He talked about us following the path of the Roman Empire and warned that the same implosion they did to themselves was happening to us right now.

Ben cited G0d as an example of replacing our complex tax code. For this example we’ll use G0d’s tithing of ten percent. If a man makes ten billion dollars he should pay one billion. If another makes ten thousand then he would pay a thousand. Nobody needs to use their power to humiliate or punish anyone with a tax code! G0d doesn’t!

He finished with the story of why the eagle was picked as our national symbol. Much to my chagrin; it wasn’t because of its bald head. It was because he could soar high above the fray, but only by using his left wing and right wing—working in full balance.

Thank G0d we have citizens like Dr. Ben Carson. I believe it’s our job to bring these messages to “low information voters” as Rush calls them. We need civil and intelligent candidates like Dr. Ben Carson who aren’t afraid to speak truth to bullies and demagogues. As all surgeons know, you don’t have to bludgeon someone just to make a point.

As a sidenote, Dr. Carson was the recipient of criticism from the right and left. Specifically, fellow JWR columnist Cal Thomas and his Liberal cohort and friend Bob Beckel denigrated Carson for his speech on such hallowed ground. Below is the counter to their unnecessary rabble.

“In a democracy as big and as diverse as ours, we will encounter every opinion. And our task as citizens — whether we are leaders in government or business or spreading the word — is to spend our days with open hearts and open minds; to seek out the truth that exists in an opposing view and to find the common ground that allows for us as a nation, as a people, to take real and meaningful action. And we have to do that humbly, for no one can know the full and encompassing mind of God. And we have to do it every day, not just at a prayer breakfast.” Barack Hussein Obama--minutes before Dr. Carson’s speech.