My last column about my Elderly Relative Tour (ERT) stirred quite a bunch of Shiite—on both sides of the Matzo. It also raised relatives of mine, I hadn’t seen in years and others I didn’t know I was related to.

The scores of emails reminded me of the scene straight out of Tevye’s dream in Fiddler on the Roof. There he encountered his dead Grandma, Tzeitl. In Tevye’s made-up dream, Grandma Tzeitl’s ghost chides and shames him into cancelling his deal betrothing his daughter Tzeitl’s (grandma’s namesake) with the rich butcher, 62-year-old Lazer-Wolfe so that she can marry her true love, Motel Camzoil, the poor tailor. He frightens his wife into agreeing with him.

If I could work up a good dream for my Obama-loving fellow Jews I would. They won’t believe the facts, red flags and warnings emanating from Obama, his Administration, his followers and the Democratic Party. These warnings are being thrown at us from an Administration who feels it necessary to pander to Israel’s and America’s mutual enemies and are about as subtle as Beyoncé* on stage at the Super Bowl. Those of us who like to think we’ve been paying attention to history recognize these warnings as sure as the jackboots from the past banging on the pavement to round up a fresh load of defenseless Jews to haul them off to the gas chambers.

I found it interesting, yet encouraging that the one critical letter I received was from a friend of 96-year-old Cousin David’s. She concluded that I wasn’t “subtle” enough to “get” President Obama, and that I handled myself like a “Sledge Hammer.”

OY that President of ours! He’s Sooooooo Sharp—what a blade HE is: It’s true. I’m not subtle enough to understand why President Obama:

· Helped create Islamist revolution in Egypt. Long-time leader, Hosni Mubarak was replaced with the Muslim Brotherhood led by Marsi, a man who didn’t wait long to shred their Constitution. Mubarak kept the peace and cooperated with Israel and the USA for 30 years. Marsi was quoted two years ago as claiming Jews were descended from monkeys and pigs.

· Delivered sophisticated F-16 fighter jets and 200 tanks to Marsi and the Muslim Brotherhood run Egypt

· Is so close to the Muslim Brotherhood, who partnered with Adolf Hitler in his quest to exterminate Jews.

· Stood down attempts of the Iranian people to overthrow the Israeli and America-hating Mullahs.

· Appointed a driveling, incompetent anti-Semite, Senator Chuck Hagel to be Secretary of Defense.

· Kept his relationships to anti-Semites Reverend Wright, Louis Farrakhan and the Muslim Brotherhood secret.

· Told AIPAC that Jerusalem would remain as the Jewish Capital of Israel, yet a few days later imposed the precondition upon Israel that it would move back to pre’67 borders, as a precondition to talks with Palestinian factions, thus splitting Jerusalem as it was then.

· Stood behind a Dem party platform that was wrenched by force to reflect a backing of Israel by phonying up a voice vote—the same one that originally disgraced G0d.

· Surrounded himself with anti-Semitic Jews, Axelrod, Emanuel and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.

· Mistreated Israel’s Prime Minister, Binyamin Netanyahu in an awful display of rudeness, witnessed by American Jews and Israeli enemies throughout the world.

· Seems not to understand the magnitude how Jews were treated, comparing the Holocaust to the plight of Palestinians.

· Hasn’t learned, ironically, from some of his biggest supporters in Hollywood. Their movies, involving many liberal Jews are educational. Flicks such as the Aforementioned Fiddler, Schindler’s List, Life is Beautiful, Sophie’s Choice, The Pianist, The Ann Frank Diary, Defiance, Inglourious Basterds and scores more.

I guess I’m in good company. It appears that many Americans, Netanyahu, most of Israel’s leadership and 78% of Israeli Jews aren’t subtle enough to understand President Obama either.

Jewish Libs: I say this with as much love as I can muster. Get out of your comfort zone. We’ve been there before. The history of our survival has been riddled with unpreparedness and a trusting of “authorities” not to harm us. The times Jews survived from peril are either when we ran to escape or, like Israel, fought back.

A final point: Jews with or without Israel are subject to murder, theft of worldly goods, exile, Synagogues destroyed with Mosques built over them, pogroms and genocide. We have enough enemies bashing Israel. We don’t need to pile on just to seem like we’re assimilated, non-racist, modern Jews. As imperfect as it is, Israel is the G0d-Given home of the Jews.

Like the bar in Cheers, Jews have a place to go--just in case we need it.

Dave The Hammer Weinbaum

*I have not now nor ever lip-synced this or any other column—so help me Moses.