The Rolla Police Department believes that reports received about calls from local police about installing yard signs and alarm systems are simply from a telemarketing company and not fraudulent at this time.

On Tuesday, the RPD received two separate reports from concerned individuals who stated that they got suspicious telephone calls and asked if the RPD was conducting a phone campaign to place yard signs or install alarm systems.

A woman who told police she received a call stated that a male subject told her that he was working with the RPD and wanted to install a sign in her yard. She was concerned the call was some type of scam.

RPD officials want to make it clear that they are not conducting a phone campaign and do not install alarm systems.

Sgt. Jeremy Martens, of the RPD, investigated the reports of suspicious calls and learned that two RPD employees also received the same type of call.

It was determined that the calls were automated recordings from a batch dial automated telephone marketing system. The investigation also revealed that the caller stated that local police and FBI were concerned about crime in the area.

Martens later confirmed with the original callers that the recording referred to “local police” and not specifically the RPD.

It is believed at this time that the phone calls are not fraudulent in nature.

If individuals who received the call listened to the entire message, they were eventually given options to talk to a salesperson or be removed from the call list.

The RPD advises people who receive a call of this nature to always remember to never give personal and private information such as credit card numbers or addresses.

People also can contact the RPD at 573-308-1213 about suspicious calls.