Thirty-five years ago, I read the tome, The Book of Lists by Irving Wallace and his kids, Amy Wallace and David Wallechinski. It was a fun read. It included lists from the strangest accomplishments and historical facts. I hadn’t thought about it until the lists of gun owners and gun permit holders were published recently in the New York area.

Shortly after the massacre of school children and teachers in Newtown, the White Plains, New York-based Journal put out a map of pistol permit holders in several New York counties.

Last week, The Gawker, a Manhattan gossip blog, listed gun owners in New York City—or as the UBARFS named it, the guide to robbery and revenge tour. For those in Branson, this means several things:

· Robbers can now loll around homes of gun owners and wait for them to leave, then quickly break in and avail themselves of all the weapons in the abode and whatever other stuff they can carry out.

· Thieves can declare open house on those not without weapon permits.

· Felons, from convicted murderers, rapists and burglars will have access to those who helped arrest and convict them and their 10-20s. Hello judges, prosecutors and bailiffs.

· Prisoners now know where penitentiary guards live and can pay them a courtesy call after they get out.

· Stalkers can know where their prey lives and the likelihood of them being armed.

· Those with restraining orders can measure the risk of crossing the line if their odds of getting shot are low.

· Bitter ex-husbands, ex-wives, nutty boyfriend or any Kardashian girl will have knowledge of the locales of their targets.

Well if it’s good enough for the Schmucks who published those incriminating, dangerous lists, then, based on Ann Coulter’s idea, we should insist on a list of:

· Santa’s Bad Girls—(oops--mebad—that’s another column.)

· Welfare recipients for more than 2 years.

· Food stamp recipients for more than 2 years.

· Free phone beneficiaries.

· All Obama contributors outside of the USA.

· Addresses of Union leaders and their permits.

· Known suicide threats, schizophrenics, borderline personality disorders and others suffering potentially violence-inducing mental illnesses.

· Entitlements of any President to “infringe” upon the rights of Americans to “bear arms” via executive order.

· Addresses of all Congressmen and their security details, weapons and clips.

· MSM who cheerlead for the death of the Second Amendment and their security arrangements.

· Celebrities who make violent movies, including studio heads, actors, directors and producers and their security.

· Violent game producers, including the company CEOs and their protection.

· Secret Service personnel who guard the President and Vice President and their weapons, including assault rifles as well as bullet clips.

· Armed guards who protect the schoolchildren of the all government employees from the President to every Congressman and their arsenal.

· AG Eric Holder’s, an outspoken opponent of the Second Amendment, security arrangements.

· Ex-Vice Presidents who claim to be expert on “climate change” AKA “global warming” who bashed big oil and terrorists, but who (surprise, SURPRISE) just sold their TV company to an oil-loving, terrorist media outlet. Oh and it sold out for about a half-billion dollars.

Finally, let’s republish Schindler’s list, lest we forget what happens when a populace is left defenseless. This was a record of Jews who, but for the grace of God and His instrument, Nazi party member Oskar Schindler, were saved from certain extermination by the bloodthirsty henchmen of Adolf Hitler.

We know that because of the systematic murders of sixteen million men, women and children, including six million Jews, who were long ago stripped of their weapons and ability to protect themselves from a tyrannical government.

Don’t ever think that can’t happen here.

Who’s on YOUR list, America?