Americans voted for President Obama because he, abetted by the MSM, convinced the electorate that the economy he ruined was everyone else’s fault. How many times did we hear it was Bush’s, the Republican’s, rich white men’s, Wall Street’s, Sandy’s, bankers, the oil spills, an ant passing gas in New Zealand’s fault? Obama used that straw man argument to demolish citizens’ beliefs that they could achieve the American dream. Then he held out the carrot of taxpayer support.

One example is his gutting welfare of its work requirement by executive order, overriding the bill passed by Congress and signed into law by President Clinton in 1996.

Obama loves poor people--look how many more of them he created.

The President convinced voters that stuff acquired from taxpayers was better than stuff earned by work. There is no longer an abundance of shame in life-long welfare, disability and or food stamps. The shame is in not being able to get on and stay on its rolls. It’s become the assumed right of some citizens to live forever off the sweat of taxpayers.

If you can’t lose with Obama’s abysmal record, then what would be an impediment to him seeking a third term—and beyond?

I know, I know! I can hear it now, “Weinbaum, you idiot, don’t you know about the 22nd Amendment?” Yeah, I do. For Obama to get around that would be like Houdini escaping those dreaded Chinese finger traps.

First off, for those who can remember way back to the campaign of 2008, Hillary Clinton, a former First Lady, ran for President and came close to winning. Who would not speculate that this could have been the third term of William Bubba Clinton or in the least a co-presidency just like he advertised with that same Hillary back during his two terms? What would prevent Michelle Obama from running for office? For that matter, one can imagine a primary battle between the former first ladies, on what would amount to a dual run for third terms by the same party. Who wouldn’t believe either woman couldn’t get elected if certain things occur during the next four years:

· The United States is literally sitting on the largest oil and natural gas reserves in the world. We are set up to be not only self-sufficient, but a major, if not the largest energy supplier to the world. If Obama pulls his head out of his arse soon enough, he could preside over one of the largest expansions of the American economy in history—in spite of himself!

· Obama and his Progressive toadies continued weakening an already semi-devastated Republican Party by use of his personal attacks on whoever looks to become a leader of the GOP. It worked on Governors Palin and Romney, both with accomplished reputations and careers.

· Republicans are squandering the one weapon they have left, their pledge to the American people not to raise taxes. When George H.W. Bush broke his, “Read my lips-NO NEW TAXES” pledge during his administration, he lost an entire decade to the Democrats during the Clinton years.

· A continuation of the President’s rule by executive order, whittling away at a Constitution already in a shaky mode after Justice Roberts’ incredibly lame Obamacare ruling as Constitutional.

· The probability of two or more judges appointed to the radical wing of what will become known as the Lenin Court--not John, but Vladimir.

Then throw into the witches brew a pound of class/race warfare and you have a significant case for Obama to attempt at a Teddy-FDR end run for a third term-and beyond.

“The problem with the Socialism Obama is implementing is it’s dependent on taxpayer's funding of entitlements. It collapses, as it always does, when taxpayers take a hike.”

Only the House is controlled by the Republicans. Their coalition of tax-increase objectors is crumbling like a New York QB running up his own lineman’s buttocks, falling on his back and flipping up a touchdown fumble to the opposition. The likelihood of the USA getting a punch to the stomach in the form of a destructive-job destroying-tax increase is higher than the Cubs failing to be world champions for the 113th year in a row.

But, why cooperate with Obama? It’s the only issue they have left. Plus it’s the last stand for taxpayers and their ability to trust anyone in government. If the Republicans continue to bend over, they won’t have to worry about the Democrats kicking them to the curb. Conservatives will beat them to it.

Republicans will show their complicity with a conspiracy to steal property from some Americans and give it to others and will be considered as the dimwitted RINO division of the DNC.

Then what?

The time will be ripe for taxpayers, both real and potential, to unite into a viable force. Third party? Maybe. Union? Why not?

Obama loves unions.

TAXPAYERS UNITE! That has a certain ring to it, doesn’t it?

It’s time taxpayers got up off the floor and faced the Progressives chanting in a language they understand, “WE’RE MAD AS HELL AND WE AREN’T GONNA TAKE IT ANYMORE!”