The agenda for Monday night’s Rolla City Council meeting is short. But is it light?

The agenda for Monday night’s Rolla City Council meeting is short. But is it light?

At first glance, it appears to be a meeting that could convene at its regular 6:30 p.m. starting time and adjourn quickly enough for residents in the audience to get home in time to watch the kick-off of the Bears-49ers game.

Or maybe even early enough to watch the 7 p.m. start of Monday Night WWE Raw or “The Voice” or “Dancing With the Stars,” if that’s more appealing.

Here’s the agenda for the meeting, open to the taxpayers, scheduled for the Rolla City Hall Council Chambers:

• Rolla Municipal Utilities FY2012 fourth quarter report from General Manager Rodney Bourne;

• Motion to approve Eugene Northern Community Hall fees and policies, presented by Parks and Recreation Direction Scott Caron;

• Ordinance authorizing the mayor to execute a cooperative purchasing contract, presented by City Administrator John Butz, up for first and final reading;

• Motion to authorize transfer of funds from The Centre’s sales tax account to cover The Centre’s operating deficit, capital expenses and administrative charges, presented by Finance Director Steffanie Rogers;

• Motions to reappoint Dr. Aaron Zalis to a one-year term and Robert Tessaro to a three-year term on the Rolla Regional Economic Commission, presented by Mayor William S. Jenks III;

• A period for Rolla residents to present questions or comments;

• Comments “for the good of the order” from councilmen;

After the meeting, an executive session closed to the taxpayers will be held for the council to discuss purchase or sale of real estate.

The areas that could open up lengthy discussion during the open meeting are the RMU report, The Centre’s finances and the comment periods for the public and the council.

Those topics could prevent a quick escape from city hall to a television set for viewing of football, wrestling or dancing by so-called celebrities.

Or, better yet, an evening with a good book.