Tis’ the season for political signs.

Tis’ the season for political signs.

With only a few days left before the election, political advertisments have popped up on billboards, on nearly every street corner and in countless yards around town.

Coleen Roe proudly displayed a sign showing her support for Barack Obama in the front yard of her Highland Drive home, until last week.

Roe awoke one morning to the sign in front of her home kicked over. She came to the conlusion that it was an act of vandalism and decided to start taking it inside at night.

Monday, she left the sign up over night, when she got up the next morning she discovered the sign was missing all together.

“We didn’t take it in last night and it was stolen,” said Roe. “I just don’t think it’s right that someone is trying to silence our voices.”

Roe’s story is not a unique one in Rolla.

“I have heard some people say that there have been some signs removed,” said Bob May, Chairman of the Phelps County Republican Comittee. “You are going to have vandalism, and sometimes, espeically around Halloween, you have to be careful.”

May said he does not believe the missing signs are part of an organized effort to silence people from displaying their opinions.

“I can’t imagine there is any kind of concentrated effort or a movement to remove them,” said May.

Paul Long, Chairman of the Phelps County Democratic Committee seems to agree with May.

“I choose to think that is it probably not malicious, maybe kids fooling around,” said Long. “I can’t imagint there is any kind of orginization out there that thinks they are going to change the election just by stealing a few signs” Roe responded to the person who stole her sign by creating her own signs on her computer and posting them in her front yard. The first reads: “OBAMA & BIDEN Equal Rights for ALL AMERICANS.” The second reads “We had a real sign but some individual(s) stole ours in order to silence opposing opinions.”