Well, the Fall season has arrived! Each October the Rolla Police Department begins preparation for the many annual Fall events to include the Downtown Crafts Fair held two weeks ago, and of course Wednesday, Oct. 31 with our “Project Halloween” operation.

Well, the Fall season has arrived! Each October the Rolla Police Department begins preparation for the many annual Fall events to include the Downtown Crafts Fair held two weeks ago, and of course Wednesday, Oct. 31 with our “Project Halloween” operation. This operation is very simple and designed to keep our children safe during this period of activity.

The operation includes beefed up patrols by both our Patrol Division and our Volunteers in Police Services members. This year Halloween falls on Wednesday evening, which is when the traditional Halloween festivities will be observed in our neighborhoods. The Downtown Business Association will also host their annual “Have a Safe Trick or Treat Night” event on Wednesday, October 31, from 5–7 p.m.

Local business and other organizations will be handing out candy and other treats to trick or treater’s on Pine Street between Sixth Street and 12th Street. The Rolla Police Department will also be handing out candy in our main lobby beginning at 5 p.m. Be sure to stop in and see us.

We would ask that motorists use extreme caution while driving through the downtown area and the neighborhoods on Halloween. Be aware that there will be an increase in both children and parents walking along the streets and sidewalks. We would also like to remind those planning on taking part in the festivities to wear bright colored or reflective clothing and costumes to aid in your detection by passing motorists.

It is safer to travel in groups and try to stay in well lighted areas. Be cautious when crossing streets and try to do so in crosswalks and intersections. Avoid wearing restrictive clothing or masks that reduce or restrict vision. We will have several patrol officers out in the popular areas so be sure to contact them if needed.

The fifth annual Operation Neighborhood Clean-Up will be held on Friday, Nov. 2, 2012.  There are at least 30 households located throughout the City of Rolla that have been selected by the Rolla Police Department and Rolla Area Ministerial Alliance to receive assistance in this year’s clean-up. 

And while many volunteers from past clean-ups have already signed up to help out with this year’s clean-up, there is always a need for more individuals and groups to help provide much needed assistance in completing this worthy task. This year as in years past the event is a collaborative effort that will involve several City departments as well as Rolla Municipal Utilities (RMU), Fidelity Communications, Century Link, and many other sponsors and supporters.

If you are interested in volunteering, you are encouraged to contact Sgt. Vince Giacolone, VIPS Director at the Rolla Police Department (308-1213), or attend the welcome gathering the morning of the clean-up on Nov. 2 at 6:30 a.m. at the Greentree Christian Church Youth Center (located at 801 East 10th St.).

A complimentary hot breakfast will be provided, and the clean-up will take place from 7 a.m. to noon. Operation Neighborhood Clean-up is an opportunity for residents to partner with the Rolla Area Ministerial Alliance, community churches, and the Rolla Police Department to enhance a sense of community, well being, pride and property values among the neighborhoods where the clean-up is conducted. The clean-up effort involves limited tree trimming, hedge trimming, and the removal of brush piles, leaves, household items and trash. We hope to see you on Nov. 2!

Last Saturday night we held our fifth annual Rolla Police Department Golden Shield Award Ceremony where officers, telecommunicators, volunteers and civilian personnel are recognized for going above and beyond the call of duty in their divisions. The event was held at the Rolla Lions Den where employees and their spouses were treated to a wonderful dinner prepared by the Rolla Lions. Immediately following the dinner we enjoyed a video program created by our award’s committee and spearheaded by our own Spo. Frank “Cecil B. Demille” Hawkins!

The program was very entertaining as usual and included a murder mystery, a Chief’s fashion show and Many spoofs on employee situations. We also had the honor of the presence of such distinguished guests as Mayor Bill Jenks, City Administrator John Butz, former Police Chief and City Councilman Stan Spadoni and Phelps County Prosecuting Attorney John Beger. Those receiving recognition that evening were:

Letter of Recognition: Josh Campbell, Jason Copeland, Tony Craft, John Frey, Vince Giacolone, Matt Goss, Tom Grisham, Robert Jones (2) Mark Kearse, Tony Lauth, Tim Mayfield (2), Phil Meyer, Kathleen McMeen, John Redshaw, Don Rowland, Paul Rueff, Jonathan Stack (3), Jason Smith, Roy Taylor, Ben Tinsley, K9 Ziggy

Grand Cordon Award: Josh Campbell (3), Jason Copeland (2), Tony Craft, Tommy Davis, Derrick Dillon (4), Vince Giacolone, Steve Gray (2), Tom Grisham, Hank Harper (4), Jessie Hoyt, Doug James, Rob Jones (3), Luke Kearse (3), Tony Lauth, Brad Lewis, Will Loughridge, Phil Meyer, Ken Moberly, Ken Nakanishi (3), Wayne Rapier, Paul Rueff, Kerri Shults, Chrissy Smith, Stacey Smith, Tabitha Stanley, Ben Tinsley, Paula Volkmer, Seth Walker (2), Rick Williams, K9 Ziggy

Honorable Service Award:  Josh Campbell, John Frey, Vince Giacolone, Steve Gray, Hank Harper (2), Frank Hawkins (2), Jessie Hoyt, Rob Jones, Luke Kearse, Jeremy Martens, Tim Mayfield, Adam Meyer (2), Phil Meyer, Ken Nakanishi, Leann Robertson, Paul Rueff (2), Jonathan Stack, Ben Tinsley, Kevin Ziegler

Meritorious Service Award:  Josh Campbell, Jason Copeland, Tony Craft, Steve Gray, Amanda Jones, Amy King, Keri Lloyd, Jeremy Martens, Scott Olds, Roberto Rizo, Chrissy Smith, Ben Tinsley (2), Kevin Ziegler (2)

Distinguished Volunteer Award:  Joyce Heidecke, Jeanne Jenks, Judy Jepsen, Ward Merrell, Dave Reynolds, Larry Seest

Exceptional Duty Award:  Josh Campbell, Derrick Dillon (3), Kandi Grisham, Tom Grisham, Hank Harper (2), Ken Nakanishi, Ken Moberly

Samaritan Award:  Derrick Dillon (2), Robert Jones

Life Saving Award:  Josh Campbell, Luke Kearse, Mark Kearse, Jeremy Martens, Adam Meyer, Roberto Rizo, Jonathan Stack, Tabitha Stanley

Gallantry Star: Seth Walker

Certificates of Appreciation: All VIPS Volunteers – Arlan DeKock, Connie Giacolone, Tony Giacolone, Joyce Heidecke, Jeanne Jenks, Judy Jepsen, D’ettra Kearse, Keith Lecroix, Janessa Martin, Katherine Mattison, Ward Merrell, Dennis Noel, Keith Peterson, Don Reed, Dave Reynolds, Don Rowland, Russell Schmidt, Larry Seest

Certificates of Appreciation for top 6 VIPS contributors:  Ward Merrell (531 hrs), Don Reed (604 hrs), Joyce Heidecke (634 hrs), Jeanne Jenks (983 hrs), Dave Reynolds (2,667 hrs), Don Rowland (3,107 hrs)

Special Honors:

Special recognition trophy for assistance during pursuit: Deputy Glenn Suschanke

Special recognition trophy for interdiction enforcement efforts:  Deputy Carmelo     Crivello
Queen’s Honor: Kristi Nakanishi

Chief’s Achievement Award: Former Chief Stan Spadoni

Chief Stanley G. Spadoni Award:  SWAT Team – Luke Kearse, Tim Boone, Josh Campbell, Jason Copeland, Derrick Dillon, J Fleck, John Frey, Chris Giacolone, Brad Gibbs, Steve Gray, Mike Hargis, Tony Lauth, Scott Langley, Adam Meyer, Ben Tinsley
Mayor’s Award:  Adam Meyer

Judge Joanne Mayberry Award:  Derrick Dillon, Tom Grisham, Hank Harper, Tony Lauth, Phil Meyer, Ben Tinsley.

Chief’s Volunteer Award: Dave Reynolds and Don Rowland

A good time was had by all!

Have a great week!