The city of Newburg is seeking insulation bids for a city building that houses a fire department truck.

The city of Newburg is seeking insulation bids for a city building that houses a fire department truck.

Newburg City Council members Tuesday night voted unanimously to seek bids for the insulation for the 40- by 60-foot metal building. Bids are due by 5 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 30.

The city will open the bids at a special meeting Tuesday, Oct. 30, at 6 p.m. at Newburg City Hall.

Chrissy Krider, communications officer with the fire department, noted the insulation is needed with the colder weather and added that some of the trucks are starting to get “sluggish.”

Alyson Garvey, council member, said the insulation would help for now.

However, the council then began discussing whether to use gas or electric heat for the building.

The city currently has an old building with a gas furnace that could be used, but it was noted that if gas heat was used, gas lines would need to be run to the building for the fire truck and gas tanks would need to be rented.

Council member Bill Stines asked what the difference in cost would be of using gas versus electric heating.

It was estimated that it would be $600 to $800 more per year for gas than electric heat.

City Clerk Phyllis Harris said the city should get estimates from both gas and electric companies to heat the building.

In other fire department news, Krider noted that Newburg firefighters along with a few volunteers have raised $1,038.76 to go toward paying for a new floor in the building.

Krider also told the council that the entire department except one or two people have passed certification classes.

She said fire officials were invited to the Edgar Springs fire station for a first responder certification course, AED/CPR certification and landing zone certification provided by Air Evac based out of Salem.

The training was 100 percent free to Newburg and covered by grants through Edgar Springs. Krider said all of the participants passed and no one had a score of under 93 percent.

In other business

Also at Tuesday's meeting, council member Randy Brinkley said he would contact Donald Maggi Construction Inc. about some issues that still need to be resolved at the roundabout and bridge near the Newburg schools.

Harris said no parking signs need to be placed there, too. Stines asked how the signs would be funded. Harris replied that the money would come out of the fuel tax revenue and estimated the two signs would cost about $48.

The board also approved the purchase of flue brushes and extensions for flue fires as long as the total purchase amount does not exceed $100. Krider also noted that the department is in desperate need of a medical director.

In addition, the police department requested tires for a police car that has had a flat tire for over a month and has no spare.

Brinkley also said he would like to go back and look at the council's agendas and minutes for items that have been tabled, saying many issues have been “swept under the rug.”