On Sept. 4-6, the Rolla Police Department hosted the Central Missouri Tactical Officers Association (CMOTA) 2012 SWAT Training and Competition.

On Sept. 4-6, the Rolla Police Department hosted the Central Missouri Tactical Officers Association (CMOTA) 2012 SWAT Training and Competition.
This is the first time the Rolla Police Department has hosted this event and we are very pleased with the turnout and the success of the entire event. The CMTOA is an association comprised on law enforcement SWAT teams from the Central Missouri area.
The members of the team meet each month and discuss new tactics and equipment and also use the opportunity to network with other teams from the area.
Each year the association participates in a two-day training competition hosted by one of the member agencies. This year Rolla hosted the event. It was our goal to assemble a fast paced multi-faceted training competition that would not only create true to life stress, but also be fun for the competing teams.
This year’s training consisted of eight hours of practical range training and eight hours of practical exercise training. Teams were divided into two groups and then rotated between range and scenarios after four.
The range training included range competition where teams and individual officers were offered practical fire exercises utilizing handgun, rifle and shotgun.
These events were graded on both time and accuracy. Teams competed against teams and officers against officers in the fast paced events.
Since we were the hosting team, the Rolla Police Department SWAT officers did not participate in the competition, but did take part as range personnel, scenario participants and managers, transportation drivers, and many other functions.
The practical training exercises were off range scenarios created to tax the teams abilities, equipment and even emotions! We utilized businesses and public buildings around town to enhance the real life feel of where these terrible scenarios could actually occur.
We also recruited civilian volunteers from the community to take part as role players, victims and business employees. Some of the created scenarios involved single and multiple shooters in various business settings, hostage situations, building searches and many other situations.
Participating agency SWAT teams included the Missouri State Highway Patrol, Columbia Police Department, Boone County Sheriff’s Dept, Cole County Sheriff’s Dept., Jefferson City Police Dept., Camden County Sheriff’s Dept., Morgan County Sheriff’s Dept., and the Phelps County Sheriff’s Dept. In addition to the intense training, there were also law enforcement equipment vendors on site with the latest in SWAT training equipment on display.
The Rolla Area Chamber of Commerce hosted a wonderful barbecue from Randy’s Roadkill Restaurant on Tuesday evening, and on Wednesday night the teams were treated to another barbecue and swim party at my rock quarry.
We truly enjoyed hosting this event and believe all participating teams left Rolla with not only a good bit of training but also a sense of community spirit afforded by those of you who helped us make this event a success.
Rather than try to formulate a complete list of those of you who were key to this success by this writing, we will take some time and be sure to include everyone we need to and present this list at a later date. But for now thanks to all that helped make this event a success.
On Sept. 1, at approximately 9:40 p.m. the Rolla Police Department received a 911 call of an armed robbery that had just occurred at the Delano Convenience Store, located at 101 E. Highway 72 in Rolla. Officers were immediately dispatched to this location and an extensive search of the area was conducted, however the suspect was not located.
It was reported that an unidentified male suspect had entered the store and robbed the clerk at gunpoint. After stealing an undetermined amount of U.S. currency from the business, prior to fleeing, the suspect assaulted the clerk by spraying her in the face with pepper mace. The suspect then fled the scene on foot in an unknown direction of travel. The suspect was identified as a male, dressed in a gray colored hooded sweatshirt, khaki cargo style pants, a dark colored ski mask and gloves.
The investigation into this matter is continuing. Anyone with information about this incident is encouraged to contact Detective Hank Harper of the Rolla Police Department’s Division of Criminal Investigations Unit at (573 308-1213) or contact our Confidential Tip Hotline at (573-364-0111).
In closing, this week, we learned of the passing of 2 former law enforcement officers with the passing of former Rolla Police Officer Jeff Quick, and of the passing of former Phelps County Sheriff’s Deputy and UMR (now MS&T) officer Tad Sweeney. We will keep their families in our prayers.
Have a great week!