As sure as Obama is a Socialist, a sea change has occurred regarding the relationship between the majority of Christians and how they relate to Israel, Jews and President Obama.

As sure as Obama is a Socialist, a sea change has occurred regarding the relationship between the majority of Christians and how they relate to Israel, Jews and President Obama. Christian anti-Semitism and blind Obama support no longer gush from Pentecostals, Catholics, Baptists, Lutherans and Methodists. Yet, a tsunami of Jew and Christian hating springs forth from bin Laden-following Muslims and their sympathizers, Progressives.
You can all review the history of Christian anti-Semitism, the Christ-killer accusations, the escapes from forced conversion, the blood libels, the scapegoating--all leading to the Holocaust.
Now more and more Christians are likely to be against an anti-Israeli Obama Administration’s rhetoric and actions.
Christians are first to defend Jews and Israel because THEY ARE the new Jews
Christians are:
Ø      Harassed, proselytized, force converted to Islam, exiled and murdered everywhere in Arab/Muslim countries-especially the Coptics in Egypt.
Ø      Under attack from the Progressives, currently in charge of the Senate and Executive branch.
Ø      Villainized regularly by an equally progressive press.
Ø      Prevented from prayer in public.
Ø      Restricted in their use of religious symbols.
If I was snide, I’d say, welcome to the club.
When I first had the opportunity to own my own restaurant, I met with my franchisor. Living and working as a restaurant manager and part owner in St. Louis, I was offered a franchise in a small town I had never heard of. All the franchisees from big cities within 100 miles of the town refused the store. After checking out the town and site, I decided to throw caution aside and go for it. But I did have this question for the franchisor: “Are there any Jews living there?” Their response: “Yes, there was one but he just died.” I asked: “Was it natural causes?”
Thirty-six years later, two out of three of my children and two stepdaughters live there. ALL my grandchildren are within a reasonable distance as well. My customers, radio audience, fellow Tea Party members and other friends there are Christians who, as far as I can tell, unanimously support Israel. Many are either vehemently anti-Obama Dems or independents. Most others have shopper’s remorse and are adamant about wanting Barack out as President.
“Gentile Janitors have brooms too!” J. Sewell Perkins
American Christians looked askance as newly elected Dear Leader went to Muslim countries to apologize to Muslims throughout the world for USA (Christian/Judeo) evil behavior. Obama treated our 64-year ally Israel like dirt while giving love and cash to Stars and Stripes-burning Palestinian, al-Qaeda and Iran-backed terrorists.
Obama has yet to reprimand AG Eric Holder for dropping charges for an election’s crime committed against whites by members of Black Muslim-backed New Black Panthers after confessions. The Panthers hatred of whites and Jews and backing of terrorists has poured gallons of gas on the fire of suspicions of a significant number of Christians.
As to the argument of Christians only backing Jews because of the Apocalypse, I’ll defer to Alan Dershowitz’s thoughts on Glenn Beck: “At a time when old friends and allies who should be supporting the Jewish state are abandoning it in droves, Beck’s willingness to stand up for Israel must be accepted with gratitude. I, for one, do not question his motives. I believe they are genuine.”
Christian empathy for Israel as a Jewish State has taken hold. In fact, I would venture that a much larger percentage of Christians are against Obama’s Israel policies than Jews.
Recently Obama made a Freudian slip, referring to Jews as janitors. Naturally, I twittered, “Jewish janitors UNITE! Let’s sweep Obama out of office!” My twitter friend and fellow quote lover, J. Sewell Perkins messaged back, “Hey, gentile janitors have brooms too, you know!”
According to THE PEW FORUM on religion and public life, as of today the Christian population of the USA is 78.4% and the USA Jewish population is 1.7%.
I conclude Obama’s main problem is with the new Jews, AKA Christians.
Obama’s Spring is quickly segueing to the Christian Fall of 2012.

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