My Speech as Emcee to the MidMo Tea Party

Welcome to the Nome Alaska Tea Party! (Mid 40’s with hurricane-like winds) Thank you for showing up and supporting the return of our government back to the people!

My Speech as Emcee to the MidMo Tea Party

Welcome to the Nome Alaska Tea Party! (Mid 40’s with hurricane-like winds) Thank you for showing up and supporting the return of our government back to the people!

My name is Dave Weinbaum and I’m honored to be your emcee for the third year straight. I have a confession to make and I feel I know you well enough to tell you: At this year’s St. Pat’s parade I decided to level with the people of Rolla. Instead of wearing my usual, “Kiss me I’m Irish” badge, I came clean. I donned a “Kiss me I’m Jewish” button. I was kissed twice—and beat up 13 times.

All of us who call ourselves Tea Partiers should be proud. We may be a loose-knit group, but like a small piece of leather, we’re well put together.

What brings us here today? A special bond amongst us that overshadows any other difference—be it race or religion, wealth or poverty, young or old. We’re here because we love our country and our freedoms it protects.

Yet, we see an eminent threat to America from outside forces—and from our residing government—those we haven’t replaced—yet.

For some time our Constitution has been under attack by President Obama and the remaining progressives in Congress. We’ve seen our AG Eric Holder picking and dropping cases based on race and attempting to try Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the planner of the 9/11 massacre, just blocks from Ground Zero.

Our President is held in legal contempt for ignoring a court order to drill for oil in the Gulf. Another federal judge ruled Obamacare unconstitutional and void. After the Obama Administration ignored the ruling and kept implementing Obamacare, the judge demanded the Obama Administration appeal his ruling to the appropriate court and stop installing what he ruled as dead. He went so far as to ask, in effect, what didn’t you understand about my ruling?

The Obama Administration considers themselves above the law.

Now we have the spectacle of our Commander-In-Chief holding our valiant military’s pay hostage to the continuing heartbreak of enabling Planned Parenthood’s quest to profit from killing babies with the use of your tax dollars.

President Obama, backed by the Dems, has apologized for America on foreign soil, coddled our enemies such as Iran, Syria and the Muslim Brotherhood and slapped our allies like Britain and Israel. Our Commander-In-Chief has subjugated our armed forces to being led by foreign governments in his ill-thought, unconstitutional attack on Libya. BTW, Khadafi and those loyal to him are winning!

Obama sued Arizona for passing an illegal immigration law because our President has refused to enforce the federal law. Mexico has joined the suit against Arizona. I repeat. Mexico has joined the Obama Administration in suing an American State. Ever hear what happens to you if you cross into Mexico illegally? It ain’t pretty!

The result of Obama and the Dem’s actions is what brings the crowd you see today, despite the freezing weather and the mocking of Reid, Pelosi, Obama and Schumer. Our gathering replicates Tea Parties all across the USA. Our love of country won’t allow us to tolerate those who would destroy our freedoms and steal our wealth. We will not let them turn this great country into a third-world Socialist tyranny.

We can measure our effectiveness by the dissing we are getting from those babbling Dem talking points. We should be proud of those ludicrous attacks from the left. Why? Because it shows they are scared to death of us.

Never forget what we accomplished on 11/2/10. We kicked the Dems out of the house in the biggest turn-around in 72 years. We also took over a record amount of state legislatures and governorships.

Harry Reid says were done—that we’ll fade away and soon disappear. DOES THIS GATHERING LOOK LIKE WE’RE FADING AWAY?

We’re not going anywhere, Harry, Nancy and Barack. Our mission is incomplete. We will not rest until you and the rest of your corrupt buddies are out of government.