Phelps County named nine suppliers of road materials Tuesday as primary providers for the county’s Road and Bridge Department.

Phelps County named nine suppliers of road materials Tuesday as primary providers for the county’s Road and Bridge Department.

In one of the year’s largest bids conducted by the county, which has budgeted $1.6 million for road-maintenance supplies in 2010, 16 companies vied for the asphalt, chip-and-seal, rock, culverts and grader blade contracts.

Opened and reviewed last Thursday, the bids were awarded Tuesday after Road and Bridge Supervisor Walter Snelson offered his recommendations for bid awards to the Phelps County Commission.

Asphalt-supply contracts were awarded to two Rolla companies: Melrose Quarry & Asphalt and Rolla Asphalt. Melrose won the contract to provide cold-mix asphalt product BP-2 at a cost of $53 a ton. Rolla Asphalt was approved to provide hot-mix asphalt BP-1 at a cost of $44 a ton, UPM cold-patching material at $90 a ton and asphalt overlay BP-1 at $53.07 a ton.

The lowest-priced bidder of chip-and-seal supplies, Blevins Asphalt Construction Co. Inc., of Mount Vernon, Mo., was awarded a contract to supply the county 3/8-inch brown-chips, single-coat CRS-2P chip-and-seal at a cost of $1.30 a standard yard and double-coat at $3.01 a standard yard.

Rock-supply contracts were awarded to all three companies that submitted bids, including Capital Quarries Co. Inc., which has quarries in Jerome and Rolla, and Melrose. Prices ranged fro

Snelson said the Road and Bridge Department would utilize supplies from all three companies based on their bid prices, availability of the type of rock for specific jobs and the hauling distance at the time the rock would be needed.

Of six bids submitted for the county’s supply of culverts, two were awarded: Metal Culverts Inc., of Jefferson City, and County Materials Corp., of Springfield. Metal Culverts offered 24 various-size metal culverts for a total cost of $22,571. County Materials offered various-size plastics culverts for a total cost of $10,040.

The lowest-priced bid for culverts was submitted by a Sikeston-located business, Contech Construction Products Inc. However, the Commission did not consider it because the company included the caveat, “Prices are good for 30 days with a delivery within 60 days.”

“That bid did not meet our specifications,” said Commissioner Larry Stratman, District 1, referring to a request for prices locked-in through 2010.

Of four bids competing to supply grader blades, the Commission awarded the $8,885 contract to Victor L. Phillips Construction Equipment, of Brookline, Mo., the lowest-priced bid.

Snelson said county would open and review sealed bids for three new tandem trucks on Thursday. Specifications include submitting costs for the sale with and without trade-in values for two used tandem dump trucks.