Construction of the new Little Beaver Creek bridge on County Road 8100 nears completion

Ten concrete slabs, each weighing 15,500 pounds, were placed upon support structures of the new Little Beaver Creek Bridge by the Phelps County road crew on Wednesday in preparation for an asphalt surface and an anticipated finish date sometime next week, said Phelps County Supervisor of Roads Dale Winemiller.

The new bridge will measure 28-feet and 4-inches in width and 33-feet long and will encompass guard rails on each side.  It is rated for no load limits, so any size of vehicle can cross it.

The flat-bed, 18-wheel trucks that delivered the decking had to back all the way from Interstate 44 to the construction site, as there’s no turn-a-round on the county road by the bridge, a distance of approximately three miles.

“I think the neighbors will be very happy with this bridge,” Winemiller said.  “It’s been a long process getting to this point with the rainy season, but the crew has been outstanding.”

Phelps County Commissioner District 1 Larry Stratman was on hand for the placement of the bridge decking and was excited by the prospect of completion.

“It saved the taxpayers a lot of money because our road crew has the expertise to do this work,” Stratman commented.

According to Bud Dean, Phelps County commissioner District 2, the approximate cost of the new bridge should be around $80,000.  The overall cost of the construction will not be finalized until the beginning of June, he said.

“The road crew did a great job, and we’re very proud of their accomplishment,” Dean said.  “I want to particularly thank our Supervisor Dale Winemiller and Assistant Supervisor Walter Snelson for doing such a great job.”

The bridge was designed by Anderson & Associates Consulting Engineers, LLC, of Rolla, and an engineer with the firm also was on-site to oversee the slab placement.

“We’re excited to get it done,” said Paul Frisbee, Anderson engineer.

“This was the first bridge in this district to go through the BRO project (state-funded bridge replacement),” Frisbee said.  “They were a lot more stringent in their review of the plans and specifications of the project.”

The concrete slabs were built by Oden Enterprises, of Wahoo, Neb.