A Labor Auction, held in the Middle School Auditorium, by the Rolla Future Farmers of America (FFA) Chapter raised more than $4,000 Friday night to help fund student activities and trips.

A Labor Auction, held in the Middle School Auditorium, by the Rolla Future Farmers of America (FFA) Chapter raised more than $4,000 Friday night to help fund student activities and trips.

This was the first Labor Auction the Rolla FFA Chapter has held in recent history.

The kids offered a variety of services -- cleaning houses, working with cattle, painting, gardening, raking leaves, cleaning stalls and barns. No household or farm chore was left out.

“It was so successful, I’m sure we’ll do it again,” said Trisha Merrell, a sophomore and FFA member at Rolla High School.

Auctioneer Michael Newkirk volunteered his time and kept the auction lively.
 The students were auctioned off to the highest bidder, in pairs, for two, or four-hour shifts, to do any type of labor, in or out-door, for their winning buyer.

Attendees were given a catalog similar to what buyers receive at a cattle auction with the students photos and a brief description of their talents and abilities.

“We enjoy working, learning and helping. We love working outdoors, and we will work until the job is done. If you pick us, you will get more than your money’s worth. We would like to work a four-hour shift,” read the listing for Lot Two, Morgann Kleeschulte and Abbie Turner.

The students walked up on stage in pairs and did their best to get buyers to compete for them.

Jacob Kyle and Trevor Branson demonstrated their modeling talents, pumping their muscles and posing.

Some of the girls did cartwheels and flips across the stage.

There was good-natured competition between the bidders, with lots of laughter rippling through the crowd.

The majority of the lots went for about $100 to $120.

Sisters Josie and Hannah Yoakum brought the highest bid of the night from Dana and Mark Havens for $320.

The sisters claimed to know how to work because they are fresh off the farm and not afraid to get dirty.

Homemade pies made by FFA Alumni also were auctioned off throughout the evening. Jim Greig was high bidder on a chocolate cream pie prepared by Christine Johnson for $70. Greig was also the high bidder on a strawberry pie for $70 prepared by Dana Havens. Talk about rich desserts.

Other Pie auction winners included Michelle DuClos, Jim Greig, Roger Brookshire, Lonnie Hudgens, Kennedy Barnitz, Jerry Hunt, Bud Loughridge, Brandon Johnson, Bob Thompson, Ray Turner, S&S Farm, Kevin Stadler, Brenda Braidlow, Sue Hand, Paul Hance, Wallace Havens and Tom and Cindy Strain.

Pies went for $35 up to $70.

The buyers for labor included: Chris and Jill Johnson, Kathie Wolfert, Julia Mangogna and Tony Braidlow, Wallace Havens, Bill Breen, Ken Lenox, Yolanda Harshbarger, Dalia Varanka, Virgil Flannigan, Hank Havens, Robert and Anita Studdard, Steve Bowles, Clark Jaeger, Stacy Yoakum, Bob Thompson, Roger Brookshire, Royal Canin, Jim Greig, Mark and Dana Havens, and Carla Brookshire.

FFA students who volunteered their services for the labor auction included, Garret Dean, Kelly Herrman, Morgann Kleeschulte, Abbie Turner, Lucas Stadler, Marc Forester, Jacob Kyle, Trevor Branson, Daniel Donius, Donald Bashline, Stephanie Wilson, Cami Barnitz, Kimberly Culp, Alanna Nash, Leanne Breen, Hannah Yoakum, Amanda Vankirk, Haley Fears, Nayomie Yoakum, Erieann Dotson, Jared Rhyneer, Coty King, Karissa Culp, Sanesa Skaggs, Aaron Vankirk, Kyle Lunsford, Rachel Smith, Rebecca Fryer, Bradley Wells, Brandon Rosenburg, Lucas Stadler, Colt Parsons, Cameron Hance, Austin Pitman, Sassy Henson, Trisha Merrell, Nathan Isakson, Matthew Grayson, Josie Yoakum, Hannah Yoakum, Leanne Breen, Stephanie Michaels, Harley King, Ian Darlington and Casey Kelley.

The Rolla FFA Chapter guaranteed the work to be finished by May 14 and the Rolla FFA Advisors ensured that FFA members would fulfill their obligations.

The National FFA Organization is dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth, and career success through agricultural education.

“The kids are just thrilled with the results of the auction. Some of them already completed their work assignments over the weekend for their buyers,” said Cord Jenkins, Vocational Agriculture teacher at RTI.

“We would also like to thank Bobby Mathis, for the $50 donation he gave us. Everyone was so generous, we are very thankful for all of the support, it was the talk of the school today,” said Jenkins.